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  • When i decided this was for me

    I don’t care for followers. I don’t like the idea of having a number judge popularity, or make a blog feel any better than another. A blog is simply you. Even though i don’t care for followers, i still care about my followers. I’m glad people find me interesting enough to pop up on their ever-growing dashboard. But here’s what i concluded when i decided this was for me:

    Nobody can be pleased. After my whole hiatus from just reblogs, it took me up till then to realize that nothing differentiates my blog from every other picture blog. Is there anything that really pinpoints pictures to who i am? I mean„ i guess you could tell my favorite tv shows and my type of humor, but i feel as though if i were an old woman and looked back at this tumblr account, i’d be dissatisfied with all i didn’t offer. Not that anyone really needs to know my personal life, or my thoughts, but when i think back to it, that’s the real reason why i made a tumblr in the first place. The more i reblog the more i can think of “Oh, it’s a good blog! Awesome pictures!” not “Oh, it’s a good blog! I really connect with Tala!” Nothing is bad about pictures, i follow so-so-so many picture blogs, and almost everyone i know in real life has pretty interesting pictures and reblogs. But me personally, i want this to connect to me in some how. And i realized that not everyone can be pleased. If i were to post a tidbit of my day or whats on my mind, i’d lose followers that only followed for my pictures. If i were to post a lot of pictures, i’d lose followers that only followed for my writing. Not everyone can be pleased, which is why i needed to accept that fact and realize this is for me. 

    I understand tumblr-famous people. It really is a nice feeling knowing you have so many followers and reblogs and notes. But attention is nothing compared to having the ability to post anything without worrying if you’ll lose followers, or not posting complete bull to gain followers. A majority of “tumblr-famous” people aren’t that interesting at all. They’re famous for sappy posts, attractive photoshoots, reblogs of brands and trends in hype, and connections with other tumblr famous people. If you were to put one tumblr famous blog next to the other, i wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. And as un-famous as i am, i’m glad that i could post whatever i want, like this for example, without thinking and editing the sentences as if it were heading toward the eyes of an audience of followers. Now i know this sounds like a spiteful paragraph that could be followed up by an outside remark like “You’re only saying that because you’re not tumblr famous” Which is honestly one of the most childish responses to give. Regardless of how many followers i have, i always mean every word i say.

    Anyways, nothing is bad about just pictures. And nothing is bad about just writing. The great thing about a blog of your own is that it’s your own. If you want to post a lot of pictures, nobody is stopping you. If you just want to write what’s on your mind, be my guest. Everyone should make their blog whatever they want it to be. And for me, i just simply want to be able to post whatever i want. It could be a long post, a lot of pictures, rants, art. Since this is for me, i want it to show me. A lot of people are scared to open up online. They don’t want classmates to read their thoughts, and they don’t want to be seen in a bad light for their opinions that could sound stupid to others. I encourage everyone to write whatever and post whatever. When you look back in life, you’ll be glad you had a place where you stayed true to yourself through thick and thin.

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